Why Scriptorium Hall?

  • ACADEMICS SIMPLIFIED: Read, think, discuss, write
  • AN EMPHASIS ON STRENGTHENING WRITING SKILLS – Students receive in-depth, personalized feedback on written work.
  • GREAT EXPECTATIONS – Scriptorium students study, discuss, debate, and write about the best original source documents and literature – using books, not textbooks. At the end of each semester, all students publicly defend their work before an audience of fellow-students, family, and friends. Scriptorium aims to encourage and strengthen the skills of all students, regardless of ability.
  • A FOCUS ON TRUTH, BEAUTY, WISDOM, VIRTUE & LIBERTY – Understanding the truth, valuing beauty, growing in wisdom, and upholding virtue and liberty are the ultimate goals of every Scriptorium course.
  • PRIZES & THE HOUSE SYSTEM – Each semester, prizes are awarded for excellence in writing and for other student achievements. Scriptorium’s House system encourages fellowship and healthy competition between classes.
  • SMALL CLASS SIZES – Class sizes are kept small to allow for greater student participation and more individualized instruction.
  • DUAL-CREDIT OPTION THROUGH BRYAN COLLEGE FOR SELECT COURSES – By completing selected courses, students in grades 10-12 residing in the state of Tennessee can apply to receive dual-credit from Bryan College. Bryan also offers a scholarship for any Scriptorium student applying to its undergraduate program within 24 months of completing coursework at Scriptorium.