Extra-Curricular Activities

Scriptorium Hall offers several extra-curricular activities: Shakespeare Day, Gryphon Guild, Britain Society, Dickens Day & Victorian Ball, and a Highland Games & Ceilidh. These events are low cost (or in some cases, free) and open to homeschool students in the Chattanooga area as well as Scriptorium students and alumni. Most events are held on Fridays.

Shakespeare Day

Each semester

Scriptorium hosts a one-day reading and informal staging of a Shakespeare play. Students learn the historical and literary context of the play, discuss key questions related to the play, taste Renaissance foods, sing Renaissance songs, and dance Renaissance dances.

Gryphon Guild

Each semester

Scriptorium Hall hosts a one-day study and re-enactment of a famous historical battle. Students learn about the historical, geographical, and strategic context of the battle; taste period foods; and try on replica armor or uniforms in addition to re-enacting the battle.

Britain Society

Young ladies only; meets monthly during the school year

Scriptorium Hall hosts an English tea and discussion of works on British history or works of British literature. Students choose their own books and report on their readings. The ladies of the Britain Society practice traditional dances and songs of the British Isles and—depending on availability—perform the prelude and postlude for each Defense Day.

Check out this clip from the May 2023 Defense Day and Graduation. We are singing the Skye Boat Song a cappella with three-part harmony:

Dickens Day & Victorian Ball

Winter; alternate years

At the close of the fall semester, Scriptorium hosts Dickens Day – a reading of Dickens’ Christmas Carol. The event includes a European or British feast, traditional caroling, and a ball of English and Scottish country dancing.

Highland Games & Ceilidh

Spring; alternate years

Please visit the Highland Games & Ceilidh page for detailed information.

Olympic Games

Fall; alternate years

Please visit the Olympic Games page for detailed information.