Parents of Scriptorium students say . . .

Scriptorium teacher, Grace Hughbanks, has been a true blessing for my children these past couple of years! Grace is an excellent teacher, very responsible, attentive, patient, and talented. Our homeschooling experience has been greatly enriched by virtue of Grace’s expertise; we highly recommend her services. ~ Mother of Scriptorium students

Three of my children have taken high school and middle school courses from Grace Hughbanks, including courses in history, literature, writing, and Latin.  The expectations and reading material are high level, but Miss Hughbanks personalizes feedback and her final evaluations are fair-minded as she wants her students to succeed.  Each semester culminates with an oral defense of a paper produced during that term.  My mostly introverted children have gained needed confidence through the oral defense process.  I am very familiar with public school expectations in English and history and Miss Hughbanks’ courses easily exceed those.  I have every confidence in Miss Hughbanks’ ability as a teacher and mentor of teenagers. ~ Father of Scriptorium students

Scriptorium has been a huge blessing to this busy mom of 5 homeschool students ranging in age from 6-15.  Grace is an excellent teacher.  Her classes are challenging and thorough.  My middle and high school students have become more organized and independent in their work. Grace has taught them how to take better notes, think critically and to work more efficiently. ~ Mother of Scriptorium students

My daughter had a great experience with her American Literature tutorial. She chose quality literature and was always prompt and well prepared. I love that my daughter received one-on-one teaching from Miss Hughbanks. ~ Mother of a Scriptorium student

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Grace Hughbanks for the past year. Her classes have been a great addition to our homeschool curriculum. Grace’s ability to connect, and her talent of teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. She is very patient, responsible, and talented. Her classes are challenging but fun, even for a young student like my son. She has made a very positive impact and we highly recommend her teaching. We are looking forward to next year. ~ Mother of a Scriptorium student

Scriptorium students say . . .

Through Miss Grace’s classes, I have gained confidence in note-taking and my writing abilities. I have become more organized and independent in my studies. Her classes, although difficult, have challenged me to be a better a student. I am looking forward to the classes I will be taking in the fall. ~ 9th grade Scriptorium student

I have appreciated the way Miss Grace presents the information in class and her willingness to meet with you separately to help you better understand the concepts discussed in class. I have also enjoyed the literature selections for both the history and writing classes. I greatly benefited from the class discussions. ~ 8th grade Scriptorium student

This was my first year taking a class with Miss Grace. One of the things I really appreciated was her selection of literature. I really enjoyed reading things that I wouldn’t normally read. And I’m very thankful for the help it gave me in my own writing. ~ 10th grade Scriptorium student

Miss Grace was very helpful in breaking down information so I could understand and learn more. ~ 8th grade Scriptorium student

Miss Hughbanks is a good teacher. It was fun to talk with her about literature. ~ 10th grade Scriptorium student

If you struggled with something, Miss Grace would stay after class for one-on-one time to help you. ~ 8th grade Scriptorium student

Absolutely the most thorough and challenging class of the year—don’t sign up if you don’t want to grow. The lecture style and homework expectations are excellent preparation for the college format. Her reliance on primary sources, despite the mountain of effort required, is truly inspiring. 10/10 would retake. There is always more to learn about history. ~ Scriptorium graduate