Fine Arts

Offered 2023-2024

  • Time & Tuition
    • Thursdays, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm
    • Tuition: $60 per student per month, August 2023 through May 2024
  • Location: Signal Mountain, Tennessee; No online option is available
  • Grades: 7th-12th grades
  • Description: This course surveys the development of Western art and music from ancient times to the present. Students gain greater appreciation for works by the masters because the course incorporates basic instruction in observational drawing, painting, music theory, singing, and traditional/historic dance forms. Student works are exhibited at Defense Day each semester.
  • Materials needed:
    • Sketchbook (9″x12″ is a good size)
    • Drawing pencils (basic set, with charcoal and blending tortillons)
    • Heavy paper (cardstock or artists’ painting paper)
    • Acrylic paints (at least black, white, red, blue, yellow)
    • Watercolor paints (at least black, red, blue, yellow)
    • Paint brushes (mix of large, medium, and fine tips)
    • Paper plates or paint palette
    • Small jar or cup for water
    • Optional: Large shirt or apron

Why bother with art, especially during junior or senior year?

  • This course is centered around taking time to stop and focus on beautiful things.
  • Students taking, or who have taken, Modern History, will get a great review and reinforcement of material they are studying or have studied.
  • Students taking Senior Thesis can use projects from Fine Arts for their Senior Thesis books.
  • Most importantly, the arts are amazing!