What We Love

In medieval literature, a hall is a place of

Light and truth

amid storms of darkness, evil, and falsehood

Warmth, virtue, and love

among friends united in a shared endeavor

Splendor and beauty

—objects and ideas that awe, delight, and awaken wonder

Festivity and joy

over feasts, dancing, music, and fellowship

Story, debate, and wisdom

—long-remembered histories, often-asked questions, ideas woven into the tapestry of our heritage and our times

Honor and excellence

—greatness remembered and rewarded

Free men and women

talking and training, loving liberty, and living in virtue

Heroes and heroines

preparing to defeat dragons and pondering the sacrifices of soldiers, saints, and sages

This hall is Scriptorium Hall.

Scriptorium Hall aims to provide an education that enriches the soul. If this is the kind of education you are looking for, please join us!