Major announcement this Friday!

At the conclusion of our spring semester Defense Day this Friday evening, May 14, I’ll be announcing two wonderful new opportunities for Scriptorium Hall students! If you’re not planning to attend Defense Day but would like to learn about these opportunities, please check the Scriptorium Hall blog this Friday at 8:00 pm.

Leonidas, Lenin, and Larry walk into a pub…

I am a Spartan. I am a free man. The Persians wanted to destroy Sparta and to take away freedom from all of the Greeks. They wanted to destroy what we are. They wanted to take away a large part of our very existence. To take Sparta from Leonidas and to take freedom from Leonidas leaves you with someone who is not fully Leonidas. To be fully myself, I must be a Spartan and a free man—not a Persian slave.

“This Story Shall the Good Man Teach His Son”: How Most Modern Education Fails Students and How I Respond

Limiting students’ encounter with World War I, or with any instance of suffering, to Owen’s poem and its philosophy that our view of suffering should be determined by its visible effects, gives students a false and soul-embittering view of human life.

Six Unconventional Questions for Choosing a College

It’s college-picking time of year again. Here are six unconventional things to consider before you embark on a journey to the ivory towers. Do you really need to go to college? You probably won’t hear this question much, because colleges all want you to pick them, because governments want to loan you money so theyContinue reading “Six Unconventional Questions for Choosing a College”

Executing Tradition: Cultural Death and the Manipulation of the Young

Increasingly, there are calls for educators to reject “adultism” in teaching their students. “Adultism” is essentially the idea that adults (parents, teachers, law enforcement officials, pastors, government leaders, etc.) have too much authority over children and young people. This must be done, anti-adultists (who are all adults themselves) say, because children lose self-esteem when theyContinue reading “Executing Tradition: Cultural Death and the Manipulation of the Young”