King Alfred Collegium

Are you interested to read and understand the books that have shaped our culture but that are increasingly ignored by our society because they are considered “out-of-date”?

Do you want a taste of classical education – in form and content?

Then get ready for great news!

Beginning in the summer of 2022, the King Alfred Collegium of Scriptorium Hall will offer courses open to homeschool parents, homeschool graduates, and Scriptorium alumni in the Chattanooga area.

Course Format and Levels of Participation

These courses will function similarly to regular Scriptorium Courses in that they will focus on close reading and discussion of the great books of the Western tradition. However, Collegium students can take the courses at three levels of participation:

Level 1: Simply attend the class meetings, gathering information without the pressure of doing outside work

Level 2: Complete the reading and commonplacing recommended for each class meeting but not the essays

Level 3: In addition to reading and commonplacing, complete the essays

Upcoming King Alfred Collegium Courses

2022-2023 Academic Year


2022-2023 Academic Year

  • Level 1 and 2 students: $100 per course
  • Level 3 students: $500 per course – since instruction includes feedback on essays in addition to regular class time
  • Books are not included in tuition. Level 2 and Level 3 students will need to purchase hard copies of the books listed for their course. Exact ISBNs are strongly recommended.

For more information, please contact the tutor.